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Clark S. Cox
After a long posting hiatus, many things have happened as life continued on. The most recent, and most dramatic of these is the realization that I am going to be a father.

... I'll pause a second to let that sink in ...

I am going to be a father. We found out a couple of weeks ago that we're nearly into our 2nd trimester. There's not much more information at this point, no known gender yet, etc. Well, whatever it turns out to be, looks like my life will be changing in some very large ways over the next 6½ months.

Both pairs of future grandparents seem quite excited, and at the rate they're buying baby things (especially Elizabeth's parents), we may have enough for ten babies.

For some reason, I had always assumed that, of my relatives close to me in age, I would be the last to procreate. I had assumed that my two just-older-than-me cousins would be first and second, and that my brother and just-younger-than-me cousin would be second and third—what a difference a year or two makes.

Oh well, I'm just rambling and thought I would share this bit of news among a slightly wider group of friends than the 20 or so people that currently know.

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This man is awesome. He donated money to VH1, and because of it got to request an entire hour of music videos on VH1 Classic. His choices? An entire hour of 99 Luftballons. An ENTIRE HOUR! (It's on right now FYI)

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This post will not make sense to those of you out there that don’t know C++, but for those that do, it is a sure sign of my impending insanity. This morning, Andrew, one of my coworkers, was doing a code-review on some code that I had written several months back, and came to me, asking what I was intending when I wrote this little gem:

template<typename WrappedInputIterator>
class stationary_iterator
  typedef WrappedInputIterator                                              wrapped_iterator;
  //stationary_iterators are *only* input iterators, regardless of the category
  //of the wrapped iterator.
  typedef typename std::input_iterator_tag                                  iterator_category;
  typedef typename std::iterator_traits<wrapped_iterator>::value_type       value_type;
  typedef typename std::iterator_traits<wrapped_iterator>::difference_type  difference_type;
  typedef typename std::iterator_traits<wrapped_iterator>::pointer          pointer;
  typedef typename std::iterator_traits<wrapped_iterator>::reference        reference;
  /**Default constructor. Constructs an iterator representing the “end” iterator.
    This doesn’t really make much sense for stationary_iterator, as they don’t move.
    However, it is here for completeness.
  stationary_iterator() : m_iter() {}
  /** Copy Constructor*/
  stationary_iterator(const stationary_iterator &iter) : m_iter(iter.m_iter) {}
  /** Conversion Constructor*/
  stationary_iterator(const wrapped_iterator &iter) : m_iter(iter) {}
  /** Dereference operator. \note Required by the Trivial Iterator concept */
  reference operator*() const { return *m_iter; }
  /** Indirect member access operator \note Required by the Trivial Iterator concept */
  wrapped_iterator operator->() const { return m_iter; }
  /** Preincrement operator. This is a no-op for stationary iterators.
    \note Required by the Input Iterator concept */
  stationary_iterator  &operator++() { return *this; }
  /** Postincrement operator. This is a no-op for stationary iterators.
    \note Required by the Input Iterator concept */
  stationary_iterator  operator++(int) { return *this; }
  /** Assignment operator. 
    \note Required by the Assignable concept */
  stationary_iterator &operator=(const stationary_iterator &iter) { m_iter = iter.m_iter; return *this; }
  /** Equality operator. 
    \note Required by the Equality Comparable concept */
  bool operator==(const stationary_iterator &iter) const { return m_iter == iter.m_iter; }
  /** Inequality operator. 
    \note Required by the Equality Comparable concept */
  bool operator!=(const stationary_iterator &iter) const { return m_iter != iter.m_iter; }
  wrapped_iterator  m_iter;
... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot You read that right; it’s an iterator class that wraps another iterator class that doesn’t move. It doesn’t appear to have been a mistake, as it’s named “stationary”!, and the comments even point out that the increment operators are no-ops. I have no idea what I was thinking, nor do I have any idea how I intended to use this abomination, but there is is, stored in source control at work for all to see. ... I have no words.

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...that is all

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When last we saw our intrepid hero, he was expressing unbridled joy at the moving in of his girlfriend. Well, not only has she moved in, but they have gotten married. Yep, Clark is no longer single, and Elizabeth no longer has the name with which she was born.

I asked her back on August 6th; and we were planning on getting married in November (on the 11th to be precise). That following weekend, we drove down to Louisville to see our friends and family. We broke the news to my parents in person, and there was much merriment (actually, my mother was very sleepy when we told here, and thought it was a dream the next day, so we got to tell her all over again).

When we told everyone about our plans to go to Germany for two weeks in December as our honeymoon, Elizabeth’s mother made a pretty astute observation: “If you’re getting married in November, what happens if you don’t have time to update the last name on Elizabeth’s passport.” Then, she also mentioned, in that very practical, German manner, that if we went ahead and got married immediately, then Elizabeth would be put on my health insurance, I would get a tax break, and our car insurance rates would drop (aww, isn’t it romantic?)

So, the Monday before we drove back to Pittsburgh, we went down to Louisville’s city hall, and were married by a Justice of the Peace.

We’re still having the ceremony on November 11th, though it’s just for show, and for the few friends that don’t know that we’re really already married, and then I’m taking an insane amount of vacation that I’ve saved up this year, (three weeks) to spend most of the month of December galavanting around Germany with my wife, meeting friends of hers, and a couple of my new family members. (I really need to brush up on my German before the trip)

This is marked as friends-only so that the surprise isn’t spoiled for the few friends of mine that don’t know I’m already married.

No longer friends-only, for obvious reasons

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Well, this is my last weekend living alone. Next weekend, i fly down to Louisville, rent a big moving van and come back with my girlfriend, her cats and all of her stuff. I'm a little nervous, as I've never had a live-in girlfriend, but I am also insanely excited. I feel like a kid in the week leading up to Christmas. Lately, my apartment has been feeling quite big and empty, and it was always a bit depressing that if I wanted to go see Elizabeth, I'd have to drive over 400 miles to do so.

*sqweeeeeeeeee* (ever seen a big, 2 meter tall guy squeal like a little girl?)

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Found via Drunk Monkey.

In a huge Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment, it appears that, while they won't sell CD's with explicit lyrics, toy guns, or Jon Stewart's book, they will rent NC-17 rated animation: Very Private Lesson.

This is the best blonde joke ever
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