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Clark S. Cox


Clark Cox
31 December 1980
Well, what is there to say? I'm a 27-year old software engineer, living and working in the Bay area. I'm originally from Louisville, KY, where I lived for the first 21 years of my life, but high-tech jobs don't exactly grow on trees in KY, especially those involving the Mac (my computer of choice), so I moved.

I spent 5 years in Pittsburgh, PA, working for a, slightly dysfunctional, medical technology company.

I've played the string bass for most of my life. I started on the violin in 1st grade, but quickly outgrew such a small instrument. My teacher, who was himself a bassist, suggested that I start playing the bass, and the rest is history. I picked up the electric bass, and jazz in middle school. While I don't play very often now, the bass, and music in general has shaped so much of who I am today.

I've always had an intense interest in languages, and in how they represent the thought process of people from different cultures. I first explored that interest in high school and college by learning German and practicing it any chance I got (as several annoyed friends will attest to). Later, while in college, I was introduced to the wonders that are anime, Japanese culture, and the Japanese language.

I've since moved to California and started a job at Apple Inc. and became a father.

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